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Change in the (h) air

Title: Change in the (h) air
Author: j33_3
Fandom: Muse
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Summary: Dom wakes up to something not too funny... or so he thinks...
Author's Note: This short fic/drabble was inspired by this picture and by evil_duck and myself joking over how this black strand could have appeared... I'm aware i'm going against chronology at the end but... you know... lol

“Mmnnggrmph,” Dom groaned, face buried into his pillow as he slowly woke up. Lying still, his arms stuck under the fluffy pillow, he listened to the wind whistling against the windows of the tourbus. He sighed and rolled on his back, opening his eyes. He breathed in deeply as the cold december sun caressed his sleepy face and rubbed his eyes.
He reluctantly sat up, sliding his legs over the edge of the narrow bed and stood on shaky legs. Grabbing the door handle for support, he steadied himself before stumbling out of the small room. Eyes half closed, he padded blindly to the bathroom and groped for the door handle. He found it faster than expected and managed to crush his fingers against it.
Grumbling to himself, Dom stepped into the room, leaving the door open. He automatically grabbed his toothbrush, shoving it in his mouth only to realise there was no toothpaste on it. Munching on the plastic, he finally brought himself to open his eyes.
He glanced at his reflection quickly before moving his eyes to the small table where the tube would be. But... wait...
His eyes flew back to his reflection, a black patch having caught his attention. He leant closer to the mirror, now fully awake, and grabbed his hair. His jaw dropped, the toothbrush falling into the sink, as he gaped at the black strand of hair between his fingers.
“Whaat the fuuuck...”
He turned his head to the side, noticing black hairdye smeared onto his ear. Wait... black hairdye...
Dom stood back up, feeling all his blood rushing to his head as realisation kicked in.

In the main room of the tourbus, Matt stiffled a giggle as he heard his friend scream.
“I think he found out...” he half grimaced half grinned at Chris who was sprawled on the sofa, reading some newspaper.
Chris looked up at him and laughed. “He’s gonna kill you... That hairdye you’ve got lasts for ages...”
A huge grin appeared on the singer’s face. “Heehee I know!”
The brunette jumped as Dom spat his name behind him and he turned around quickly, biting his lip very hard not to burst into laughter at the utterly pissed off look on his friend’s face.
“What’s this?!” The drummer asked, holding out the strand of jet black hair.
“Err, hair...” Matt snorted, finding it more and more difficult to hold it all in. He could hear Chris’ stiffled laughter behind him, which didn’t really help.
Dom huffed. “What did you do that for?!” he exclaimed.
Matt rubbed his face in a desperate attempt not to laugh. “Erm, well, I dyed my hair last night and I had a bit of hairdye left, so...”
“So you thought it’d be funny to smear it all over me?!” the drummer’s face was growing red.
Finally not able to stop himself, Matt exploded into laughter. “Yeah!” He let himself drop down onto the sofa next to Chris and together they collapsed into a fit of giggles.
Dom stood there helplessly, staring at his two friends whose faces were covered with tears as they writhed on the couch, in hysterics. His hand slowly dropped to his side and a pout crept onto his face. But soon his lips twisted in a smirk.
Oh yes, he knew how he was going to take his revenge on Matt... He turned on his heels and walked back to his room, in search of the small bottle he knew was somewhere in there.

The next morning, Dom was up early, sitting at the breakfast table with Chris who was going through the newspaper as usual. Dom pretended to be absorbed in his cereal when really all he was doing was listening very carefully to any sound coming from the other end of the bus.
He eventually heard footsteps, doors being opened and closed, a tap running, but no scream.
Now where had his plan failed? He was sure the bleach would work overnight...
Frowning, he looked up as Matt entered the room, all smiles. Dom groaned inwardly as the singer pointed at his head happily, fingers brushing against a strand of golden blonde hair on the top.
“Hey guys! Look what grew during the night!!”

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