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Every Sky Is Blue - Day One

Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Author: j33_3
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Pairing: Molsdal
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...
Author's Note: This is the first really long fic i managed to write. It took me about a year and a half to write, on and off. It doesn't really have a plot as in the supsense sense of the word but it does follow a line and makes sense... I hope :D Oh and the Banana Café is a real place located in Paris.
I divided the fic according to the days in the story, ‘cause LJ wouldn’t take the whole thing. In all, there are 7 days, so 7 parts.

“Hey love… you sound a bit sleepy, did I wake you up?”
“Hm? I was just watching some crap on TV, I must have dozed off. What do you want?”
“What? I can’t even call you without a reason?”
“Haha ok ok… well, I was thinking-”
“No shit??”
“Bri…” Stefan warned jokingly.
“Hehe sorry hun, go on.”
“Thanks. So, since we’re on a break for a few weeks, and that Steve buggered off to Manchester to see Emily, I thought you and I could take a little holiday, away from London, away from the grey clouds and go somewhere where we can actually see the sun and the stars… What do you think?” Stefan finished with an obvious smile in his voice.
“Ooooooooohh!!!” Brian squealed, nearly dropping the phone as he clapped his hands in excitement. “Where are we going Steffie??”
Stefan laughed. “It’s a surprise.”
“Oh but Steeef…” Brian whined. “Tell meeee!!”
“No, just be ready tomorrow morning at 9, I’ll pick you up to the airport.”
“Airport? Steffie, you have to tell me where we’re going!!!” Brian exclaimed.
“I won’t tell anything more, now stop whining and start packing.”
“How am I supposed to pack when I have no idea where we’re going?” Brian pouted, even though Stefan couldn’t see him.
But Stefan could just picture the look on his lover’s face. “I’m sure you’ll do fine, love. Now go pack and get some sleep. Ok?”
“Ok… Stef?”
“Tell me please?” Brian asked in the sweetest tone.
Stefan just laughed. “Goodnight sweets.” And he hung up.

Brian mumbled at the phone in his hand and put it back down. He took a deep breath and grinned, feeling very excited by this little holidays.
“I wonder where Stef is taking me…” he told himself on his way to his room. He stopped to get his suitcase from the corridor’s cupboard and carried it to his bedroom, dropping it on the bed. He stood in front of his open wardrobe, hands on his hips.
Five minutes later, he hadn’t moved an inch.
Ten minutes later he let out a deep annoyed sigh.
“How the hell am I supposed to make my suitcase if I don’t even know where we’re going? What am I supposed to pack? Swimsuits, sandals and sun-tan or trousers, coat and scarf?”
He stepped back and flopped on his bed next to the still empty suitcase. He lied back down on the soft mattress and stared at the ceiling.
Then it hit him. He sat up abruptly, slapping his head. Stefan and he had a conversation about Spain last week, about how nice it is at this time of year, and how great it was last time they’ve been there to play a gig. Brian had told Stefan he’d love to go there one day for something else than a gig. That was it!! Stef was taking him to Spain!! Mmmm bright sun, white sand warm under your feet, half-naked hot boys and girls everywhere.
Brian grinned and got up, making his way back to the wardrobe and started taking out his best summer clothes, tight girly tops, ¾ long trousers, swimsuits and other light clothes, not bothering with anything warm but one or two jeans and a few long-sleeved t-shirts in case they’d go out at night. He found his sandals and put them in the suitcase too.
He looked at it, hands on his hips, unconsciously adopting the same position as before. He then went to the bathroom and gathered make-up, hairbrush, and other products he’ll need, making sure not to forget the sun-tan.
He closed the suitcase and moved it to the floor with a contented sigh. Exhausted by all this, he stripped and crawled in bed, snuggling under the covers. He let his mind wander to the days to come. He pictured himself on a deserted beach with Stefan, snuggling together while watching the sunset, warm evening air blowing softly around them. He smiled and snuggled further under the duvet, quickly falling asleep.

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