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Every Sky Is Blue - Day Two

Title: Every Sky Is Blue
Author: j33_3
Fandom: Placebo
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Pairing: Molsdal
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Stefan takes Brian on a holiday... somewhere Brian hadn't expected...
Author's Note: This is the first really long fic i managed to write. It took me about a year and a half to write, on and off. It doesn't really have a plot as in the supsense sense of the word but it does follow a line and makes sense... I hope :D Oh and the Banana Café is a real place located in Paris.
I divided the fic according to the days in the story, ‘cause LJ wouldn’t take the whole thing. In all, there are 7 days, so 7 parts.

Stefan let himself inside Brian’s apartment after knocking a few times in vain. It was deadly quiet and Stefan sighed as he reached Brian’s bedroom. His lover was still in bed, fast asleep, hugging his pillow, a smile on his face. Stefan walked closer to the bed and looked at Brian’s small form and peaceful face. He smiled softly to himself. He was beautiful. He was his.
Brian stirred in his sleep, bringing Stefan back to earth. He looked at his watch, they didn’t have much time to waste before they had to be at the airport so he looked around him and spotted Brian’s blue faded jeans. He grabbed them and threw them at Brian’s face.
“Mmgrhhmmmb…” Brian groaned, his hand groping around to find what had disturbed his sleep. He took hold of the jeans, raising them above him and looking at them astoundingly. “What the fuck??” Then his eyes moved around the room and landed on a grinning Stefan. “Oh…hi.” He mumbled before turning on his side and resuming falling asleep.
Stefan sighed and moved to the end of the bed. He leaned down and grabbed the covers, pulling them off.
“Steeeeeeeef,” Brian whined, curling in a ball to try and keep warm.
“Brian, do you remember what you’re supposed to do today?” Stefan asked, amused.
“Tell you to fuck off and let me sleep,” came the mumbled reply.
“Yes, that, and then?”
Then? What the hell is he on about, Brian’s asleep brain wondered.
“Uhm…oh!!!” he exclaimed, sitting up and grinning at Stefan. He crawled on his knees to where Stefan was standing and wrapped his arms around the tall man’s neck. “Then I have to kiss you good morning.” He smiled innocently and turned his words into action.
Stefan answered the kiss but as Brian tried to turn it into a full make out session, he shoved him back down on the bed.
“Brian, get ready, now, we have a plane to take,” and he walked away to make some coffee.

“Hey you.” Brian wrapped his arms around Stefan’s waist, pressing his body against his lover’s back and kissing his neck.
Stefan turned around in Brian’s arms and kissed the cute little nose tilted up towards him before handing him a cup of coffee.
“Is your suitcase ready?” Stefan asked.
Brian swallowed quickly, wincing as the hot liquid burnt his mouth and nodded. “Yep, all done.”
“Good good, let’s go then or we’ll be late and they won’t let us in on the plane.”
They gathered their belongings, suitcases and other stuff and made their way downstairs and into the street, waving to a taxi.
“Stef?” Brian asked as the taxi driver put their luggage in the boot. “Tell me where we hmmphhmm!” Stefan cut him off with a kiss before forcing him into the taxi.

When they finally arrived at the airport, they were glad to see they still had a little of time before boarding. They went to the check-in desk, where Stefan took care of everything, not letting Brian near the tickets. That made Brian giggle inwardly. Stefan didn’t know he had guessed the destination of the flight, and he wasn’t going to tell him since it seemed to be a surprise. Instead, he faked to be interested in the structure of the airport, looking all around him, making things easier for Stefan.
After their suitcases had been taken care of, they went through the metal detector. And of course, as Stefan went through it, it bipped. Brian giggled as Stefan sighed and tried to explain it was only his belt.
“Please raise your arms sir,” the police officer said in a tone that indicated nothing could shock him.
“Hey! He’s mine!!” Brian exclaimed as the officer started to move his hands along Stefan’s body, who didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to him. Brian crossed his arms over his chest and pouted.
When it was finally agreed it was nothing else than Stefan’s belt, Brian dragged the tall man to the duty free area and headed straight towards the fags and the booze. He grabbed bottles of vodka, whiskey, wine and cartons of fags, all that in less than 30 seconds. Stefan had to run after him as he walked to the till.
“Brian, stop!” Stefan exclaimed as he grabbed Brian’s shoulder, causing the small man to turn around and look up at him with big surprised eyes. “You can’t buy all this.”
Brian raised an eyebrow. “Why not?”
“‘Cause…” Stefan hesitated.
“You can’t take that with you where we’re going.” Stefan simply said, taking the bottles from Brian, leaving only the fags.
Brian tried to get his booze back but Stefan put the bottles back on their shelves, silencing a fuming Brian with a simple glare.

By the time they got into the plane, Brian was still dead silent, making sure he won’t talk or look at Stefan, who, let’s be honest, didn’t give a fuck and found it all very amusing. He had let Brian buy his fags and he was now wondering how long it would take the stewardess to come and tell Brian he couldn’t smoke in a plane.
Just as the thought crossed his mind, a young woman in a blue suit stopped next to them.
“Excuse me sir, you can’t smoke on the plane,” she said in a nice tone, gesturing to the forbidding sign.
Brian groaned and handed his fag to the stewardess as the plane started to move.
“We are going to take off, please fasten your seatbelts,” came a voice in the speakers.
“Aww please Brian, stop pouting,” Stefan had had enough. “We’re going on holidays, we’re supposed to have fun…”
“Yes, exactly Stef!! Fun!! And it’s not my fault if it’s not going the way you want! First you won’t tell me where we’re going, and now you say I can’t bring booze!!!”
“Hello, here’s the commander of the plane,…” a man’s voice started.
“We’re going on holidays, not visiting your parents!! Really, I-” Brian snapped, shaking his head, seeming utterly pissed off.
“… the weather is fine, we shouldn’t encounter any trouble and we should arrive in Stockholm in about 3 hours. Have a nice flight.” The voice continued along with Brian’s ranting, causing him to freeze.
“Oh my god, we ARE gonna meet your parents!!!!” Brian exclaimed a little too loudly.
Stefan blushed and started to laugh at Brian’s freaked out expression.
“Stop laughing!! This is not funny!!!” Brian’s voice was starting to shake and he sank back into his seat, turning quiet, a worried expression on his face.
Stefan stopped laughing and leaned closer to his shocked lover.
“Hey, Bri, it’s gonna be ok…” he lay a hand on Brian’s shoulder and realised he was shaking. “Bri, what’s wrong??”
“Stef… are we really gonna meet your parents?” he asked in a small voice, his eyes not leaving the back of the seat in front of him.
“Well, yes.”
“Why?” Stefan frowned, now that was something he hadn’t expected. “Well, because we’ve been together for quite a while now, and my family is very important to me, I want them to meet the man I love.”
Brian slowly turned to look at him, a small smile forming on his lips. Though the smile was soon replaced by an anxious grimace.
“Fuck, I’m scared… What if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m stupid or that I’m not good enough for you? What if they tell you you deserve better than me? What if-”
“Bri…Bri! Shush, they’ll love you.” Stefan smiled.
Brian looked at him with big scared eyes, almost like a child’s. “How do you know…?”
“I just know. There’s no reason for them not to love you.”
“But what if they don’t, just try and imagine that. What… what will happen?” he asked hesitantly, his voice shaking slightly.
So that was what he was afraid of? That Stefan might leave him if his family didn’t approve?
“It won’t change anything sweetheart, I love you, nothing will change that.” Stefan reassured him, moving closer and wrapping his arms around Brian’s shoulders.
Brian fell against Stefan’s chest, hugging him back. “I love you too Stef,” he whispered.
They stayed like that until the plane started speeding up suddenly and Brian jumped, gripping the armrests each side of him, his body tense, his jaw clenched tightly and his face deadly white.
Stefan touched his thigh in the hope of making him relax but instead he jumped once more.
“Fuck I need a drink Stef I need a drink get me a drink shit you should have let me buy that booze Stef I’m scared I’m gonna die bugger fuck shit I need a fucking drink!!!” he blurted out through clenched teeth, his body or face not moving an inch.
In another situation, Stefan would have laughed his arse off, but he knew Brian was serious about his fear of flying, so he pushed the button to call a stewardess and after a few minutes, the same woman as before appeared by their side.
“How can I help you?” she asked, glancing oddly at Brian.
“Could you get him a Bloody Mary, please?” Stefan asked back.
“Neat neat!” Brian squealed, tightening his grip on the poor armrests.
The stewardess nodded and came back a minute later with Brian’s vodka and handed it to Stefan who passed it to Brian who drank it in one go.

“Fuck, Bri…” Stefan gasped as the small man almost fell to the floor, Stefan catching him just in time. Brian only giggled insanely and clang onto Stefan’s arm to steady himself.
He had so many vodkas in the plane that now they had landed he could barely stand up without Stefan supporting him. Not an easy task when you have two suitcases to carry.
Brian shrieked loudly in excitement as he spotted a pizza stall in one corner of the arrival area of the airport and pointed at it.
“Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” he exclaimed and started singing. “Pizza, pizza, hoooooooooooo pizzaaaa!!! Lalalalalalalalalalala…” he broke down in a fit of giggles.
“Brian, please, shut up, you’re making a fool of yourself.” Stefan sighed, looking around himself to try and find any familiar faces.
“No one tells me to shut up,” Brian stated, and started his little song again.
It had been like that for the last hour of the flight, and Stefan’s nerves were frayed. He closed his eyes for a second, taking a deep breath, letting the oxygen cool him down. It didn’t work as well as he had expected and his head was about to explode as Brian started on the same words for the umpteenth time.
“Brian shut up or I swear I won’t ever fuck you again!!!” Stefan exclaimed and froze as he heard someone clearing his throat behind him.
As in slow motion, Stefan slowly turned around to come face to face with his brother who was grinning, obviously amused by the scene he had just witnessed. He blushed and felt Brian’s grip tighten on his arm.
“Hey Nic,” Stefan laughed and they hugged, “it’s so good to see you.” He turned to Brian who was now very quiet, his cheeks red and looking shy, half hiding behind Stefan’s shoulder. “Bri, this is my big bro, Niclas. Nic, this is my very drunk boyfriend, Brian. He’s scared of flying.” He grinned at Nic who grinned back.
“Nice to meet you Brian,” he smiled and gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder. But Brian, being intoxicated as he was, and trying to stand up on his own, lost his balance and fell right on his arse. Stefan and Nic laughed at the puzzled expression on his face, as if he hadn’t seen it coming.
Brian pouted up at Stefan whose face grew softer. “Aww, come here.” He leaned down and pulled Brian up, wrapping one small arm around his shoulder and his own arm around the small waist. Brian pressed against him, leaning his head on Stefan’s shoulder. Brian was such a cute drunk when he kept quiet.
“I’ll take the suitcases,” Nic winked and together, they made their way to his car.

“Do you think we should stop and get him some coffee before we get home?” Nic nodded at Brian’s sleeping form on the back seat.
“Naah, I think a bit of sleep and the nervousness will be enough to sober him up enough.” Stefan replied, a soft smile on his lips as he looked at Brian in the mirror of the car.
They were driving through woods, passing some lakes on the way to the small village where Stefan was born.
“Good good, ‘cause everybody will be there tonight,” Nic continued.
“Everybody? Who’s everybody?” Stefan tore his gaze from Brian’s beautiful face to the cheerful one of his brother. “Mum, Dad, Elin and the children…”
“Yeah, and Mum even invited Nicole and Blaine.” Nic grinned.
“You’re kidding me?? Nicole and Blaine will be there too??” Stefan exclaimed, not quite believing that his cousins had accepted to come.
“Yeah, they’re both on holidays, so Mum thought it would be great for you to be able to see them, it’s been so long…”
Stefan just smiled, thinking of his childhood days when Nic, Nicole, Blaine and himself were playing in the woods.
“That’s a good idea,” Stefan eventually said, the thought of being back home making him happy.
They made the rest of the way to the house in silence, Brian snoring softly, Nic whistling quietly to himself and Stefan staring out the window to familiar and missed landscapes.

As they neared the house, Stefan turned around and reached for Brian’s shoulder, gently shaking it. Brian moaned in protest and blinked a few times before opening his eyes, sitting up.
“We’re there?” he asked in a sleepy voice.
“Yes,” Stefan smiled softly. “How do you feel?”
“Like I had too much to drink,” Brian laughed. “But I’ll be ok, my head is spinning a little bit less already.” He smiled back at Stefan.
“Here we are!” Nic exclaimed as they turned into an alley leading to a large white house circled by a big garden and tall trees.
As the car stopped, the door of the house opened, and two children came running to them, followed by a young woman with dark brown hair.
“Uncle Stef!!!!!!” the boy exclaimed.
Stefan and Nic got out of the car and the children jumped in Stefan’s arms who was kneeling on the ground, hugging them tight. The woman walked to Nic, kissing him on the lips and then waited for Stefan to get up before hugging him as well.
Stefan turned to introduced Brian to them, but he was still in the car. Stefan opened the door and bent down, looking at Brian.
“You’re gonna come out?” he asked, amused.
“No.” was Brian’s answer.
Stefan smiled, he looked nervous as hell, his face white as a ghost and his shaking hands clutching his knees.
“Brian, sweety, you’re gonna be just fine. Listen, I’m not leaving your side, ok? Now come on, there are people out there who are dying to meet you at long last.”
Brian nodded, and Stefan helped him out of the car.
“Bri, this is Elin, Nic’s wife, and this is Evan,” Stefan pointed at the 3 years old boy, and then at the 2 years old girl holding his hand, “and this is his little sister Livi.”
Brian smiled weakly at Elin and the kids who were eying him as if he was some kind of creature from another world. Elin seemed to be a sweet and nice woman, it showed in the way she smiled at Brian.
“Your parents are waiting behind the house, they’re preparing the barbecue.” Elin told Stefan. “You should have seen your mum today, she was running around the house making sure everything was perfect for her son’s visit.”
Stefan laughed, he could picture it perfectly. He took hold of Brian’s still shaking hand, squeezing it reassuringly as they started walking towards the back of the house, Nic staying back to get the suitcases from the boot and into the house.
In spite of his nervousness, Brian couldn’t help but gasp and stare in amazement at the view behind the house. A few meters away was a small lake circled by woods. A small boat was tied to a wooden jetty. The sun reflecting in the water was making it look like melted gold.
He was pulled out of his reverie as a woman came running to them. Stefan’s mother he assumed.
“Oh my… Stefan!!” She hugged her son tightly and when she pulled back, Brian could see tears in her eyes. She kissed her son’s cheeks, a huge smile plastered on her face and then turned to Brian.
“You must be Brian,” she moved to him and pulled him into a big hug as well. She took his face in her hands, looking at his quite astounded face. “Stefan talks so much about you, I’m so happy he finally decided to take you here with him.” Then, winking, she added “You were right Stefan, he’s beautiful,” causing both men to blush deeply.
By the time she was finished, a man had joined them.
“Dad!” Stefan smiled and hugged the grey-haired man who then turned to Brian as well. No hug this time though. Instead he took Brian’s hand, shaking it for quite a while, smiling broadly before wrapping his second hand around Brian’s, both hands shaking Brian’s a bit more.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, welcome in the family,” he said happily and let go as Stefan turned to a very surprised Brian and both his parents walked away, leaving them alone.
“Wow… I wasn’t expecting that…” Brian gave a little laugh in disbelief.
“What?” Stefan frowned.
“Such a… warm welcome, you know, I thought, well, since I’m a guy and all…” he trailed off, blushing and biting his lip.
Stefan smiled and wrapped his arms around Brian’s back, pulling him close. He tilted his perfect chin to meet his eyes.
“I told you not to worry, they love you already.” Stefan leaned down and pressed his lips to Brian’s. He felt the small man tense, as if he was uncomfortable with being kissed in front of family, but he eventually relaxed and answered the kiss, his arms moving around Stefan’s neck.
The tall man broke the kiss as he felt someone tugging at his jeans. He looked down to see Evan looking up at him with big blue eyes, curly blonde hair falling in front of them. He said something Brian didn’t understand for the simple reason it was in Swedish and then trotted away to join his parents.
Brian looked up at Stefan interrogatively.
“Dinner’s ready.” Stefan smiled and, hand in hand, they made their way to the table.

“Didn’t you say Nicole and Blaine would be there?” Stefan directed his question at Nic.
“Oh, they had to stay in Stockholm one more day, they’ll be here tomorrow,” his mother replied, leaving Nic mouth open, ready to answer.
They all sat down and Elin and her mother in law brought the food. Brian’s eyes opened wide as he realised just how much there was to eat. They had made grill fish, beef, pork, chicken, sausages, vegetable kebabs. There were all kinds of salad as well, tomato, beans, potato, cabbage, lettuce and many more. Fucking hell, Swedish people knew how to eat…
“Would you like some wine, Brian?” Stefan’s dad asked from his right, startling him.
“Uhm yes please Mr Olsdal,” he replied, forgetting he was quite drunk already.
“Oh please call me Fred,” he laughed as he poured some red wine in Brian’s glass.
“Ok… thank you Fred,” Brian blushed and smiled.
Looking around himself he met Stefan’s mum’s eyes. She smiled at him.
“And I’m Agneta by the way,” she added, having obviously heard her husband's words.
She turned her attention to her grandchildren and Brian looked at Stefan, a wide grin on his face.
“Your mum’s called Agneta??” his grin widened even more at Stefan’s annoyed look. He knew what was coming. “I understand now why you love that blonde girl from Abba so much, she reminds you of your mum…” he laughed softly.
“Fuck off,” Stefan faked to be pissed off. Brian only giggled. “Shut up!!” Stefan grinned.
“Or what?” Brian poked his tongue out.
“Or… or… You won’t get to see that ever again…” he nodded towards his crotch and Brian lay a hand on Stefan’s slightly excited groin.
“That?” he purred and Stefan blushed deeply before pushing Brian’s hand away, looking around him nervously to make sure nobody had seen them.
Brian grinned evilly and kissed Stefan’s burning cheek.

A few glasses of wine and a more than satisfying meal later, they were all happily chatting, drinking coffee and smoking, their faces illuminated by candlelight. The kids were off to bed, but they weren’t the only ones to sleep. Brian had fallen asleep an hour ago, his head resting on his arms sprawled over the table. The poor sod had too much wine during dinner, and added to the afternoon vodka, he just fell on the table, exhausted.
“Seems someone had too much to drink…” Fred laughed and the rest of the family joined in.
Stefan looked at Brian, his delicate shoulders were heaving with each breath, his lips were slightly parted and black strands of hair had fallen in his face. Stefan smiled lovingly and reached out to push the hair out of his peaceful face.
“He didn’t have that much wine though…” Agneta continued. “Must be ‘cause he’s so thin.”
Nic grinned at Stefan who laughed.
“Nah, it’s just that he had a lot to drink in the plane over here,” Stefan explained, “he’s scared of flying, plus he was quite nervous to meet you all.”
“Awww, but there was no reason, he’s a real sweetheart!” Mrs Olsdal exclaimed, smiling fondly at the dark head resting on the table.
“You think so?” Stefan couldn’t help asking even if he didn’t doubt his mother’s words.
“I do, and I think we all agree that he is a nice and sweet man,” she continued and the others nodded.
“You can tell from the look in his eyes that he really does love you,” Elin added.
Stefan smiled softly and blushed.
“And I didn’t see you that happy in ages…” Nic winked at his brother.
“Yeah that’s true… I’ve never felt that before, I…” Stefan stumbled for words, not able to express what he was feeling. “I feel that I’ve finally found the right person you know?”
On the table, Brian shifted slightly, hiding the small smile that had appeared on his lips behind his arm. He had been awake long enough to hear their talk. At first he pretended to still be asleep so they wouldn’t feel embarrassed, but now he had grown quite curious. They didn’t notice his move and continued their talking.
“So you think it’s gonna last?” Nic asked bluntly, causing the other ones to turn to him but Stefan only laughed and shook his head, grinning.
“Yes, I think it will, I mean, I don't know about him, but I don’t want anyone else but him.”
They all smiled at him and his father concluded, “Well, that’s good ‘cause we love him already, he makes you happy and that’s what we want the most for our son, to be happy, and he’s now an honorary Olsdal.”
They all laughed rather loudly, which gave an occasion to Brian to ‘wake up’. Using his acting skills, and the fact he was still quite intoxicated, he moaned softly, stirred and opened his eyes, blinking at the light. He looked up and met Stefan’s eyes and smiled sleepily. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up and looked at his lover’s family, his cheeks turning a soft shade of red. He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face though, Stefan’s words still echoing in his head, and he shifted his chair closer to Stefan’s, tilted his face upwards and kissed his cheek, after what he rested his head on his shoulder, the taller man wrapping his arm around his small body.

They stayed outside a little while longer, chatting about things and others, Brian dozing off every now and then. His head had moved to Stefan’s chest and he could hear his heart beat. He nuzzled against his shirt, taking in the scent that was only Stefan’s.
“Right, we’re off to bed,” Nic announced, he and Elin getting up. “Goodnight everybody.”
Mrs Olsdal watched them disappear in the house before turning her eyes to her other son and the sleepy form wrapped around him.
“I think you two should follow their move,” she smiled. “The poor sweety is exhausted,” she nodded in Brian’s direction.
“Yeah, I think it’s a good idea,” Stefan grinned and stroked Brian’s hair. “Wake up love, let’s get you to bed.”
Brian blinked up at him, and it took him a few seconds to understand what Stefan was on about. The penny seemed to drop at last and he sat up, smiling sheepishly.
“Do you want some help with that Mrs Olsdal? I mean, Agneta?” Brian asked politely.
“That’s very nice of you Brian, but we’ll be fine, just go have some rest, you need it.”
Brian blushed as he realised he’s been asleep half the time and they got on their feet, Stefan leading him into the house after they said their goodnights to his parents.
Hand in hand, they walked up the stairs and into Stefan’s room. As soon as Brian passed the door, he erupted in laughter. The walls were covered with posters of Abba, Depeche Mode and random half naked guys with too much muscles for his liking. The typical gay teenage boy’s room. He turned to face a blushing and embarrassed looking Stefan, grinning up at him.
“Yeah well… I don’t come here very often…” he mumbled as an apology.
“Haha don’t worry Steffie, at least you have a double bed,” Brian laughed and sat on the bed, bouncing up and down, testing the mattress. “Nice,” he smirked and patted the bed beside him. “Come here…” he winked at Stefan.
Stefan smiled and joined Brian on the bed. Brian moved closer to him, his lips searching for the other’s, his hand slipping under the hem of Stefan’s shirt, stroking warm skin. Stefan moaned softly in the kiss, caressing Brian’s hair. But as Brian’s fingers grazed over his nipples, Stefan pushed his hand away.
“Brian, 5 minutes ago you were sleeping on my shoulder, I really think you need some rest.”
Brian pouted a bit but didn’t object. They got up and got rid of their clothes, slipping under the covers clad in only their boxers. They lay silent for a while, Brian’s head resting on Stefan’s shoulder, his arm wrapped around his lover’s chest, Stefan stroking his hair.
“You know,” Brian started after a few minutes where none of them had fallen asleep, “I heard you earlier…”
“Hmm? When?” Stefan asked, not sure about what he was referring to.
“Back outside, when you talked about me with your family…” Brian precised, his fingers tracing invisible patterns on Stefan’s chest.
“I thought you were sleeping!!” Stefan raised his head from the pillow, staring down at Brian.
“I was,” Brian looked up, “but I woke up in the middle of it, and you know what I’m like…” he grinned. He was quite the curious type indeed, mixed with a bit of vanity, the little fucker liked to know what people thought of him.
He resumed his previous position on Stefan’s chest, getting quiet again. But not for long.
“Was it true?” he asked shyly.
“What you said… that you’re happy with me, that I’m the right person for you and that you don’t want anyone else?”
Stefan smiled softly. “Yes, that’s what I feel.”
Brian smiled and looked up at him again. “You know, that’s what I feel too… I love you Stef, I really do.”
Stefan wrapped his arms around Brian’s small body, holding him close. “I know you do sweety, and I love you too.”
Brian pressed his lips to Stefan’s to share a tender kiss. They looked in each other’s eyes, smiling, before Brian nestled back against his sweet lover’s chest, sighing happily. He kissed the soft skin and closed his eyes, falling asleep in no time, Stefan’s fingers still tangled in his black hair.

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